Curriculum Vitae


PhD (Ongoing) – University of Leeds, Institute for Medieval Studies
Thesis (Provisional): ‘The Materiality of Physical Impairment: Mobility and Daily Living Aids in the Late Medieval West’
Supervisors: Dr. Iona McCleery, Dr. Eva Frojmovic

MA Medieval Studies – University of Leeds, Institute for Medieval Studies
Dissertation: ”Sans Everything’?: Late Medieval Representations of the Aged Female Body’
Supervisor: Dr. Iona McCleery

BA History (First Class Honours) – University of Leeds, School of History
Dissertation: ‘Making a Monster: The Relationship Between the Body and Behaviour of King Richard III’
Supervisor: Dr. Iona McCleery


English; Latin; Limited French; Limited German; Limited Icelandic.


Postgraduate Tutor, University of Leeds (Current)

  • Teaching on:
    • HIST1090: Medieval and Renaissance Europe
    • HIST1300: Primary Sources for the Historian – An Introduction to Documentary Study

Access to Leeds Intern (Current)

Education Outreach Fellow, University of Leeds (Current)

Dissertation Mentor, University of Leeds (2016)

On-line Editor, Leeds History First, University of Leeds (2015)

Assistant at the ‘You Are What You Ate’ stall, Pontefract Liquorice Festival – part of an REF impact case study (2014)

Editor, ‘The History Student Times’ – University of Leeds School of History’s Departmental Paper (2013-2014)

Leeds University School of History Intern (2013-2014)

Non-Academic Employment

Artist (Ongoing) – Last exhibited at Café Dolche, Blackpool (2013)

Assistant at Roseacre Nursery, Blackpool (2009-2013)

Tour Guide and Archivist at Lytham Hall Country Estate (2012)

Conference Papers

‘Extension or Lack?: The Relationship Between Prosthetic Technologies and the Body in the Late Middle Ages’, The Medieval Brain, University of York (2017)

‘Crutches, Sticks and Staffs: Using Images to Access the Materiality of Impairment in the Late Middle Ages’, Medieval Materialities, University of St. Andrews (2017)

‘‘Sumo michi baculum’: Problematizing the Purpose of ‘Walking’ Sticks in the Late Middle Ages’, Disease, Disability & Medicine in Medieval Europe: 10th Anniversary Annual Meeting, Swansea University (2017)

‘Sagging Breasts and Stinking Breath: A Lady’s Guide to Ageing Disgracefully in the Middle Ages’, PubhD, Leeds (2016)

‘Overcoming Impairment: The Representation and Construction of Medieval Wheelbarrows’, International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds (2016)

‘What about Wheelchairs?: Disability-scaping and the Late Medieval Urban Environment’, Health, Medicine & Society Colloquium, University of Leeds (2016)

‘Material Margins and the Male Gaze: A 15th Century Misericord’, Work In Progress, University of Leeds (2016)

‘‘Fairest Of Them All?’: The Ownership, Use and Production of a Fourteenth Century Mirror Case’, Health, Medicine & Society Colloquium: ‘Life and Death’, University of Leeds (2015)

Impact and Outreach

Contributor to the touring ‘Health Through Time’ exhibition funded by the Wellcome Trust (2016-2017)

Be Curious:

  • ‘Medieval Spectacles’ Stall Holder (2016): Rachael ran an interactive stall encouraging adults and children alike to engage in a number of activities pertaining to sight and blindness in the Middle Ages (such as colouring-in, word-searches and interactive ‘rivet-spectacle making’).

Light Night:

  • ‘Scent and Health’ Stall Holder (2017):
  • Installation Assistant (2016): The installation was envisioned as an immersive interpretation of the experience of approaching a medieval shrine. Inspiration was taken from sites such as the seventh-century crypt of Hexham Abbey, where pilgrims approached through an underground passageway before emerging into the shrine. Rachael acted as a guide for visitors who entered through a specially constructed tunnel (which was darkened and rigged with speakers playing medieval chants as well as subsonics designed to heighten the atmosphere) answering their questions and providing contextual information, before the visitors emerged into sights, smells, tastes and sounds inspired by the Middle Ages.

Society & Committee Membership

Leeds University Union Medieval Society (Member)

  • (Secretary 2015-2016)

Leeds University Staff Student Forum Committee (Representative for Postgraduate Tutors)

Richard III Society (Yorkshire Branch Member)

Royal Historical Society (Member)

Society for the Study of Disability in the Middle Ages (Member)

Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship (Member)

Prizes, Awards and Scholarships

University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarship (to cover fees and maintenance during my PhD) (2015)

University of Leeds Postgraduate Support Package (to cover fees and maintenance during my MA) (2014)

Leeds University School of History Le Patourel Prize for Best Dissertation (2014)


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